The name spells “legend” in the men’s fashion industry. Few can stand beside this icon of a man, who is on par with the greatest men’s clothing designers in the region. His vast knowledge and experience in menswear has raised the bar of men’s fashion in Sri Lanka and beyond.

He has over 2 decades of experience in men’s fashion and is the one and only men’s wear consultant in Sri Lanka. His journey is very unique in every sense of the term, converting men into REAL MEN. This is where the core strength of Mr. Hameed lies, in making a real man. Mr. Hameed has developed four unique brands, Envoy – Sri Lanka’s top premium brand, Le Bond - Sri Lanka's top master brand ,Signature - Sri Lanka's top national brand & the FH brand.
His clients include the President of Sri Lanka, top cricketers – local & international ,top business personnel, Diplomats, VIP’s & film stars from Sri Lanka and overseas.

Mr. Hameed is a certified Menswear Image Consultant (USA), is a much sought after speaker globally and his fortnightly column in the weekly newspapers is much looked forward by his faithful readers.

He has also launched the “FH academy” which is Sri Lanka’s sole men’s grooming academy.